Volunteering with Shiksha Mitra
Shiksha Mitra offers corporates and individuals varied opportunities to volunteer.

Companies can undertake these as part of their employee engagement activities or Corporate Social Responsibility.

Some Corporate Events offered are as below. Please email studentshikshamitra@gmail.com to know more.

Here are some activities for corporates where you can volunteer (please organise items as per each activity)
Sports Day
  • Ground Preparation
  • Organise Medals
  • Organise Certificates
  • Organise Snacks & Juice
  • Tree Planting
  • Soil Preparation
  • Organise Trees, manure, Labours & Tools
  • Class Room & Wall Painting
  • Organise Material, Tools, Artists
  • Artists to work with children to brief them on theme and to draw outlines.
  • Children with Volunteers will paint
  • Competition on Sustainable ideas
  • Organise for Medals, Certificates, Material for Projects if required
  • Briefing to Children
  • Mentoring to Children
  • Drawing, Elocution, Essay Writing Competition, Quiz
  • Organise Medals, Certificates
  • Organise Snacks & Juice
  • Field Trips & Hosting in Campus
  • Organise Transport
  • Organise Entry Tickets if Any
  • Organise Lunch & Water
  • Motivational Talk
  • Once per month
  • Kannada speaking preferred